So, my last post was on October 16, 2015...I was busy making easy apple tarts in the October heat and later that evening went into labor. Zachary Leo was born the following day and has consumed my entire life. There are so many things I've learned  since (not that I remember any of them due to lack of sleep) and we are still figuring out the mechanics of this new life. What I am up to now:

After months upon months of bedrest (due to an incompetent cervix... you can read about our previous pregnancy loss here), and then weeks upon weeks of figuring out a newborn, homebody life has been the main theme around here. This worked for a time...because A: I love my home and B: I can be content watching Netflix and doing home projects. But, almost 1 year of this has me craving the natural world (I love to hike), travelling to far off locales, and generally being outside more. 

Adam and I challenged ourselves to take a mini-vacay with Z and went to Santa Barbara for a wine-tasting weekend. We were and are determined not to fall into the "we have a baby so we can't do it" trap. Whether this is ambition at its finest or naiveté at its worst...we shall see. The weekend was hard and fun and so needed. We discovered we can get out, albeit with a ton more "stuff", we can have fun, though more comfort makes that easier these days (we stayed at our favorite Santa Barbara hotel), and that the effort is worth it.

On the homefront, I've decided to continue this idea, getting out with Z as much as possible. We live in a very culturally diverse city with tons to do and lots within walking distance (yes, LA has walkable neighborhoods). It's good for my psyche and happy mama equals happy baby. Life is very different now, but I am looking forward to exploring and reimagining it with my son.

You can follow along on instagram as I document Z's adventures with #whereintheworldisbabyZ