Wallpaper |Emily Isabella via  Hygge and West |  Framed fabric by | St. Frank textiles |  Giant Otomi pouf lounger by | Olli |   

Wallpaper |Emily Isabella via Hygge and West|

Framed fabric by |St. Frank textiles|

Giant Otomi pouf lounger by |Olli|


The nursery is coming along and I am now down to accessorizing and wrapping up final details-- bookshelves, photographs, baskets for toys, and artwork. While the main inspiration for the nursery was based on the color and feel of Modern Indigo, when I started thinking about artwork for the room, I was drawn to the world of Otomi. Otomi designs are textiles traditionally embroidered by women in the Tenango Valley of Hidalgo, Mexico. The deigns are based on prehistoric cave drawings depicting man living in harmony with nature. I can't think of anything better to be inspired by when planning what dons the walls of a nursery--The rich colors and symbolism seem perfect for the types of visions and dreams I want my child growing up with.

Otomi fabric, commonly referred to as tenango, can be found in a wide variety of modern design from fashion to interiors. The above are some of my favorite sources, and places I am pulling ideas from as I create my own Otomi-inspired art piece for Baby Z's room. I highly recommend taking a gander at these websites are go on pinterest and search "otomi" for more inspiration.