We are thrilled to be expecting another baby boy after losing Oscar in October. While this pregnancy has been filled with anxiety, we are getting to a stage where we can take some much needed deep breaths and actually enjoy parts of the process. There are so many ways pregnancies and fertility can progress differently from what you had imagined, making the experiences much more about small steps, appreciating tiny successes and milestones, and realizing that things are far beyond your control.

Once I hit 24 weeks, the point of viability for a baby in the womb, I started to allow myself to think about our nursery. Now that I'm 26 weeks, the planning is in full swing. I wanted to create a space that is gender neutral, classy, timeless, and adult (not just child) friendly. So many "baby" items seem temporal-- they won't last past when baby is small. As a stylist, and budget conscious one at that, I like objects and furniture that stand the test of time...and can be used in other parts of my home as needed.

Below are sources for these inspiration pieces.  I will keep you all posted as things progress and can't wait to show off the final reveal!

1: "Moroccan Diamonds" fabric (

2: Babyletto "Lolly" crib ( Modern, but less expensive than some other brands that are beautiful but pricey.

3. Albini style bentwood rocker (Ebay and other sites like One Kings Lane carry these frequently-- I found mine on Craigslist for 1/4 of the price I was seeing on these sites after searching for a while. Use terms like "rattan rocker" and "bamboo rocker") I would put this piece in any room in my home, so view it as a good "investment" piece.

4. Huntington Baskets in Indigo (Serera & Lily) I like the leather details on these and envision keeping toys and blankets handy. Again, I could use these in any area of my home, so they would outlast the nursery stage.

5. Little Woolf herringbone crib sheet (Little Woolf)

6. Modern wood blocks ( I am drawn to wooden and natural material toys. We have a relatively small home, so every piece counts. I think these are beautiful just as objects, in addition to being entertaining balancing blocks.