Den Mother Closet DIY
Den Mother closet DIY 2
Den Mother Closet DIY handbags
Den Mother closet DIY handbags
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Den Mother closet DIY detail
Den Mother closet DIY clutch detail

Our townhouse is maximum on geographic location, space, ceiling height, and charm. It is minimum on closet space. My 24 square foot postage stamp of sartorial splendor has always been slightly annoying, but it reached a tipping point recently when I decided that I was partially at fault for its shortcomings. I wasn't really utilizing the space to it's full potential. As much as it would be lovely to own a home and invest a nice chunk of change in a custom closet, the reality is that even renters have options. 

What I had to work with: 

I started with (1) 6' bar for clothing and very tall ceilings, 1 shelf above the bar, and about 10 really useless hooks for accessories. 

What I needed:

I have a fair amount of clothing, but it's not out of control (I trade my clothing at Crossroads constantly)*. My main space needs were for shoes (which lived on the ground) and my tremendous handbag collection (which lived in boxes)

My solution:

Seasonal storage: packing away Summer clothes in large plastic containers in the garage ($0)

Having a girlfriend over and bribing her with a bottle of wine to help me sort handbags I don't "need" ($20)

Shoe Storage: IKEA hack BYGEL rails (39") as shoe rails ($3.99 each x 8)

Handbag storage: 3 (43") IKEA lack shelves for display ($14.99 x 3)

That's piece of mind and ease of locating what I really need for around $100. The really useless hooks are still there, but I can live with them...for now.