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DEN : the lair or shelter of a wild animal ::: a room, often secluded, in a house or apartment, designed to provide a quiet, comfortable, and informal atmosphere for conversation, reading, writing, etc. ::: a cave used as a place of shelter

Welcome to Den Mother! My name is Christie Cook Cherensky--I am a Los Angeles based creative, having worked in the Art, Interiors, and Fashion worlds collectively for over 15 years. Den Mother is my own comfortable, informal gathering place for conversation and inspiration involving anything and everything design. I live with my husband and our two cats in a 2 floor 1930's-ish era apartment. We are expecting our first child in October, and that has been a journey.  I am inspired by nature, fellow designers + artists of all kinds, and the layers of culture in my native California and beyond. My perfect vacations have involved flea markets, dust, and sweating in the sun more than relaxing by the beach, although a combination of both sounds divine. Textiles, texture, and a sense of history are the elements that move me -the thrill of the hunt and the satisfied calm after the find. I've always been obsessed with treasure hunting, collecting, and unusual, but beautiful objects --  Den Mother is an organic collection of the current people, places, and things that I find meaningful, inspirational, and useful as tools for living a beautiful life. 

Hoping you find inspiration in these pages and a fellow collaborator in design.